Day one, log, plan

Ok I have my goals and a general plan of what I want this year. Today is the first and this week starts more water, an acknowledgement of where I ‘m at, and looking at myself in the mirror and saying, it’s time to change. It’s time to look better, feel better, be better, and do better for myself! Friday I get paid and will go out for better meal plans and groceries.

I logged In on the scale at 215.2 lbs.

Here are pictures of where I’m at without sucking in at all or standing up even straighter to hide… nope… these are straight up the truth. Yikes. Hopefully if someone reads this…. no mean comments. It’s time for change! That’s obvious! 🙂

New Years Eve, 2019 here we come!

It’s New Year’s Eve, and not to be cliche, but I ‘m ready for newness and to go after some goals! This blog is dedicated to my just thinking and planning out on “paper.”

Health Goals:

To bring energy, clarity in mind, focus on my body’s needs, and to stop putting off important doctors appointments. Treat myself better and focus on signals from my body.

Weight loss goals:

I want to reach my goal weight that my entire life I wanted to reach: 125. I got close once at 134, but have now balooned up to 215+, size 14/16 and almost plus size clothes. This means I need to lose 90 pounds, which over the course of 2019 would be just 1.8 lbs a week, totally healthy and doable.

Basic Goals for the how for health and weight loss/where I will start in January. These goals will continue to shift throughout the year as I improve and take it one step at a time:

Drink more water

More fruits and veggies

Very limited/to no bread and processed/added sugars.

MODERATION and balance (instead of my often times gluttonous disposition).

Stop eating fast foods, and if I eat out, choose healthier selections.

Take pictures, measurements, and weight weekly/possibly bi-weekly or monthly.

Need to find a dermatologist, gynecologist, and dentist/Endodontist in this area and make necessarily appointments.

My immediate actions begin tomorrow with a weight/picture session to log where I am starting, prep food for the day, drink more water, and research and schedule appointments. Here’s to COMPLETELY changing my life and course for life in 2019! Looking to be a NEW woman by 2020!!!

12/31 begins the plan of change

There are many reasons why I want to ignite a spark for health.

Right now I am 37 years old, over 200 pounds, Unmarried, Unfulfilled, and have realized lately: most of the time unhappy.

Let me caution this line of rhetoric by saying… I DO believe in myself and this is NOT meant to be a “woest me” type of blog. This is a TAKE CHARGE and TAKE ACTION for a BETTER me, type blog! Bc I LOVE me and BELIEVE I could have an EXCEPTIONAL life! I want MORE fore myself and those around me! I believe I am someone of worth who deserves more. I feel it’s about time that I act like it and treat myself like it! I want to live the life I have always dreamed, and I am definitely one who believes anyone can create their own destiny,

I must start here… why I physically need to change for the better.

As I said, I am over 200 pounds and I am just barely 5’5, so this is an unhealthy weight range for me. A list of reasons I can tell my health is effected (warning, my blog will talk about anything and everything):

I have pretty bad digestion problems. I oscillate between constipation and diarrhea.

I feel sluggish, depressed, tired.

I get nauseous frequently, including trips to the rest room or even full blown all night sickness.

I have at times severe depression that keeps me in bed, or just watching tv all the time.

I cant enjoy evenings, dinners, nights out with friends, bc my digestion acts up all the time… not allowing me to eat dinner most of the time, and really getting in the way of fun, food, and friendships.

Today I carried something up one flight of stairs and was out of breath, and heart beating so strongly that I was sick…. etc.

Cosmetically, I am one step away from being in plus sized clothing and I will NOT allow this. I do not judge those that are in those sizes, but I do know for my body type, this is not a healthy size for me.

Needless to say: I need change.

Christmas is over, holiday dinners and parties, etc etc, so I should be able to now focus on sparking a lifestyle change that brings about health, happiness, and maybe even the life I’ve always wanted.

This will be a daily, or very frequent bog, about my spark for igniting health and igniting the life Ive always wanted for myself! I plan to track my progress, be unabashedly candid in my sharing (of pics and stats), and will lay out my wants, goals, desires, and ideas for a better me!